Švyturys Baltijos by Carlsberg Group in Copenhagen City, Denmark
Carlsberg Group

Švyturys Baltijos

Copenhagen City, Denmark
5.8% ABV

About Švyturys Baltijos by Carlsberg Group

Švyturys Baltijos is a Klaipėda brewery beer that is closest to the historic one produced in the Klaipėda/Memel region. It is distinguished by its dark red amber color with a prominent fruit aroma formed by the caramel malt. The beer has a sweetish, rich, long-lasting caramel taste with well-balanced sweetness and “hidden” strength. This noble beer is often served in Lithuania in a wide Snifter or a Tulip glass.

Made by Carlsberg Group

Probably The Best Beer In The World.

Carlsberg Group makes Švyturys Baltijos Munich Dunkel Lager