Sweet Tart by Phillips Brewing & Malting Company in British Columbia, Canada

About Sweet Tart by Phillips Brewing & Malting Company

They say that opposites attract, and Phillips Brewing's new limited release highlights what a perfect pair sweet and sour can make. Sweet Tart Passionfruit Gose combines softer notes of passionfruit with a sharp sour finish that will pluck at your tart strings. Hand crafted using house-malted barley, lactobacillus and sea salt, it’s a big taste in a small package.

Pouring a hazy pale orange with a frothy white head. A sharp sourness on the nose yields to crisper notes of citrus, passionfruit and tropical fruit. On first sips, these fruit flavours are upfront on the palate and yield to a bright tart finish with a touch of salinity for a perfect harmony of sweet and sour.

We are a small-batch craft brewery located on the bottom of a medium-sized island on the left coast of a very large country.

Phillips Brewing & Malting Company makes Sweet Tart Gose