​Switch Point Honey Cream Ale by Siding 14 Brewing Company in Alberta, Canada
Siding 14 Brewing Company

​Switch Point Honey Cream Ale

6.5% ABV • SRM 4

About ​Switch Point Honey Cream Ale by Siding 14 Brewing Company

Siding 14 created this Honey Cream Ale to show the versatility of this style, a sometimes underestimated offering. It is smooth with a creamy mouthfeel and a touch of sweetness, while still maintaining the light crispness of an easy drinking beer.

Why Switch Point? A switch generally has a straight "through" track (such as the mainline) and a diverging route. Sometimes a switch merely divides one track into two; at others, it serves as a connection between two or more parallel tracks, allowing a train to switch between them. This allows the track to serve as a siding. Our Honey Cream Ale is the Switch Point for light beer drinkers looking to expand their craft horizons.

We grow it, you drink it.

Siding 14 Brewing Company makes ​Switch Point Honey Cream Ale Cream Ale