Switchback IPA by Lighthouse Brewing Company in British Columbia, Canada

About Switchback IPA by Lighthouse Brewing Company

Mountain bikers like beer and Lighthouse has played off that theme for the Switchback IPA. With a strong 80-count IBU rating this Pacific Northwest style IPA has a strong flavour with a touch of pine in the after-notes. While the IBU rating is sky-high, the taste is great and the beer goes down quite smooth. This is not for the beer-naive but can be easily appreciated by someone open to a stronger and more bitter-tasting beer. If you like beer and are adventurous when it comes to hop – give it a try, you will like this one!

Lighthouse Brewing Company is a quality first, progressive-thinking Craft Brewery making great beers for great people since 1998.

Lighthouse Brewing Company makes Switchback IPA American IPA