Syndicate Series 02 by Speakeasy Ales & Lagers in California, United States

About Syndicate Series 02 by Speakeasy Ales & Lagers


Black Hand Volume 1 - 38% of blend
Imperial Stout aged 20 months

Scarface - 25% of blend
Imperial Stout aged 15 months

Old Godfather - 20% of blend
Barley Wine Ale aged 15 months

Two Minutes to Midnight - 14% of blend
Imperial Stout aged 28 months

SSSSHH - 3% of blend
Experimental ale aged indefinitely


Syndicate No. 02 is a blend of five strong ales matured between 15-28 months in various bourbon barrels. The foundation of the blend is comprised of three distinct imperial stouts: Black Hand Volume 1 (38% of blend) imparts a smooth, creamy mouthfeel, Scarface Imperial Stout (25% of blend) provides hints of espresso and bitter roast, and Two Minutes to Midnight (14% of blend), a brew reserved exclusively for barrel-aging, is rich with baker’s cocoa. The muscle of the blend, Old Godfather Barley Wine (20% of blend), adds an earthy tobacco and nutty maltiness. The last 3% of the Syndicate is finished with a wildcard—a dark, oak-forward experimental ale pulled from our vault.

The final brew is full-bodied and complex with notes of bitter cocoa, candied fruits, vanilla-infused creme brûlée, earthy tobacco, and a muted bourbon finish.

Born and brewed in San Francisco. We've been bringing great beer from the underground to the masses since 1997.

Speakeasy Ales & Lagers makes Syndicate Series 02 American Double / Imperial Stout