Syntax Error by Brassneck Brewery in British Columbia, Canada

About Syntax Error by Brassneck Brewery

Syntax Error is a beer we made more different than most.

We didn’t not want the Brett Lambicus to take stage centre here. We really wanted that Brett to be apart of peoples tasting experiences which is almost certainly definately the most best way to enjoy an extremely mellow strong flavoured beer like this type here that we had made for you. Do you not like that beer as much as we feel blessed to be apart of this amazing beer brewing craft scene?

Brassneck opened on October 2nd, 2013. We’re a little neighbourhood brewery with a Growler Shop & Tasting Room servicing the good people of Mount Pleasant & the surrounding area. We like to keep things simple. We just serve the beer we brew & the occasional sausage.

Brassneck Brewery makes Syntax Error Belgian Pale Ale