Taco Revolución by Independence Brewing Company in Texas, United States

About Taco Revolución by Independence Brewing Company

Independence Brewing Co. and Tacos of Texas are coming together to launch Taco Revolución Saison Ale and celebrate Tacos -- the national food of Tejas.

First there was el book. Now there’s la cerveza. The Tacos of Texas and Independence Brewing are taking the tacos to a whole 'nother level with Taco Revolución Saison Ale. It’s a perfect complement to your carne asada, fajitas, carnitas or even tacos al pastor.

Armed with their love of beer, an intrepid spirit, the support of their friends and their trusty dog Jasper, Rob and Amy Cartwright founded Independence Brewing Company. What started with a married couple and their dog, has blossomed into a crew of nine and a community of beer drinkers who enjoy drinking fresh, handcrafted beer.

Independence Brewing Company makes Taco Revolución Saison / Farmhouse Ale