Tall Tale Organic Wheat Ale by Nelson Brewing Company in British Columbia, Canada

About Tall Tale Organic Wheat Ale by Nelson Brewing Company

Known for their organic beers the Nelson Brewing Company has come out with the Tall Tale Organic Wheat Ale. This beer pours a cloudy golden colour topped with a single finger of head that dispersed leaving mild lacing on the glass. The Tall Tale smells of orange, lemon, coriander and wheat in a mellow but somehow vibrant aroma. The taste is very mild, thin and light with notes of orange, lemon and a touch of coriander in a smooth and easy drinking flavour profile. As the taste progresses it remains light through to the finish and ends on a soft wheat note.

The Nelson Brewing Company is an all-organic craft brewery located in Nelson BC, the cultural and recreational heart of the West Kootenay region. Situated in Nelson's original 100 year old brewery building the Nelson Brewing Company strives to bring you natural, hand-crafted, traditionally styled beers.

Nelson Brewing Company makes Tall Tale Organic Wheat Ale Hefeweizen