Tangerine de Brettaville by Almanac Beer Co.  in California, United States

About Tangerine de Brettaville by Almanac Beer Co.

Tangerine de Brettaville celebrates the flavors of citrus in beer. Almanac starts by brewing a funky brettanomyces fermented base beer in large oak foeders, where the brett yeast creates farmhouse flavors and aromas. They layer on California-grown tangerines and oranges for big citrus flavors, balancing tropical peel aromas and a hint of citrus bitterness. Finally, the brewers finish the beer with a generous dry hop of Citra, adding one more layer of citrus aroma to create a complex offering. Pair with peking duck, orange chicken or walnut shrimp.

Farm to Barrel. Proudly brewed in Northern California. The Almanac Beer Company was founded in 2010 by Jesse Friedman and Damian Fagan.

Almanac Beer Co.  makes Tangerine de Brettaville Saison / Farmhouse Ale