The Teddy by Heritage Brewing Company in Virginia, United States

About The Teddy by Heritage Brewing Company

Theodore Roosevelt’s tenacious spirit and bold persona are embodied in this larger than life, hop-rich pale ale. It leads the charge with an over the top carbonated head leaving you with a stache reminiscent of the very 26th President himself. His full-bodied spirit is ever present in the mouth filling, hop bursting stampede of flavor that is the core of this beer. Made from the foundation of Heritage Brewing's style the Teddy is one of Heritage’s first founded recipes. Built for all craft drinkers alike it remains a staple to their name and a Heritage that they proud to share with you. As the craft revolution continues its push across America, Heritage is proud to lead the charge with the Teddy and they hope you stand with them. Enjoy this beer alone or paired with your favorite dish, but whatever you do, don’t sip it or Teddy himself will look down on you…as if he wasn’t already.

We are a veteran owned and operated microbrewery in Manassas, VA. As veterans and patriots we find that we owe it to our patrons to only produce the finest beer made with the best ingredients with the same level of attention to detail and passion that we brought to serving our country.

Heritage Brewing Company makes The Teddy American Pale Ale (APA)