Temple Brau by The Porterhouse Brewing Company in Leinster, Ireland

About Temple Brau by The Porterhouse Brewing Company

Now Porterhouse's #1 selling lager. The lager beer of Temple Bar. The only Irish Lager brewed in Dublin for Dublin. Hallertau hops combine with premium Irish malted barley to create a clean cut Pilsner with a redolent hop scent. Order a genuine Irish Lager.

First things first. We're passionate about beer. Not just our beer. We're passionate about all good beer. And in case you're under any illusion, we simply don't care for bad beer. We know it's a matter of one's personal taste, but for some reason most people still choose to drink beer that tastes of very little. C'mon people. life's too short, let your taste buds live a little.

The Porterhouse Brewing Company makes Temple Brau American Adjunct Lager