Terrestrial Magnetism by Annex Ale Project in Alberta, Canada
Annex Ale Project

Terrestrial Magnetism

Limited Release
6.7% ABV

About Terrestrial Magnetism by Annex Ale Project

Made with Sacc Trois yeasts then conically hopped. That means it was dry-hopped every single day during fermentation. No idea what we're talking about? All you need to know is this beer is stupid juicy. You're welcome.

Annex Ale Project is devoted to good beer and great conversations. We're curious and unconventional and every beer we brew is the result of serious experimentation. For a long time, we've wanted to make the kind of beer that would appeal to beer drinkers and big thinkers. Now that's all we do.

Annex Ale Project makes Terrestrial Magnetism American IPA