The Thin Line Golden Ale by Three Ranges Brewing in British Columbia, Canada

About The Thin Line Golden Ale by Three Ranges Brewing

Dedicated to First Responders: Clean, Thirst-quenching, Light Body

There is a Thin Line between order and chaos. This line sustains a secure society, while chaos struggles to strengthen and spread. Thankfully there are those willing to hold that line and take responsibility for maintaining order.

First Responders stand on the Thin Line. In times of crisis and mayhem they ensure that situations do not fall into chaos. Whether it is a crime scene, raging fire, accident scene, or natural hazard, they are the people ready to step up to the challenging task. It is never a 9-5 job. It is all-consuming and each of these jobs come with a price. Life, sanity, and family are all at risk when they go to work; and they do it for a better society for us all.

Thin Line is dedicated to those who work the line, whether it is blue, red, white or green, for we respect and appreciate the job they do.

Putting the ALE in vALEmount A small town brewery making big flavour beer

Three Ranges Brewing makes The Thin Line Golden Ale American Blonde Ale