Thirsty Pretzels by Crooked Lane Brewing Company in California, United States

About Thirsty Pretzels by Crooked Lane Brewing Company

Do you Dunkel? Thirsty Pretzels is a dark, malty, refreshingly crisp Munich Dunkel that’s been layered to perfection. One of the original European dark lagers, the Dunkel’s history stretches back to the earliest styles brewed in Bavaria. You may not know the Dunkel yet, but it’s time to thirst for one!
Chocolate, caramel, and toffee abound with a clean finish in a flavorful and quaffable Munich Dunkel lager. 

Crooked Lane Brewing Company is a 15-barrel craft beer brewing company specializing in a variety of traditional English ales, German lagers, and West Coast style IPAs

Crooked Lane Brewing Company makes Thirsty Pretzels Munich Dunkel Lager

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