Thursty Pike Pilsner by Gananoque Brewing Company in Ontario, Canada

About Thursty Pike Pilsner by Gananoque Brewing Company

Yes that is Thursty with a “u”, named after Gananoque's founder’s great­grandfather, Thurston Pike Davis. Thursty Pike is a full­flavoured light beer, at 4% ABV. Easy­to­drink with flavours of breadiness, graininess and a soft hop taste in the finish. The body of the beer is light, with medium carbonation, leading to a crisp finish that cleanses the palate. Although the beer is unfiltered, it is remarkably clear.

We make the best beer in small batches using only the finest natural ingredients. Come visit to enjoy the beautiful handcrafted woodwork, cozy wood stove and inviting outdoor patio.

Gananoque Brewing Company makes Thursty Pike Pilsner Czech Pilsner