Time For Dinner by Alley Kat in Alberta, Canada
Alley Kat

Time For Dinner

Limited Release
4% ABV • IBU 23

About Time For Dinner by Alley Kat

Light and dry with a hint of spice from the yeast, this Belgian table beer is low in alcohol and easy to drink. Time for Dinner was made using a traditional brewing method called parti-gyle. This means making one high and one low alcohol beer from the same mash. A parti-gyle mash is something that Alley Kat has never done before, so they were excited to try their hand at it.

Made by Alley Kat

Based in Edmonton, Alley Kat Brewery is the 4th-oldest brewery in Alberta. Check out Alley Kat's beers, contact info, and more.

Alley Kat makes Time For Dinner Belgian Pale Ale