Tooheys New by Tooheys Brothers in New South Wales, Australia
Tooheys Brothers

Tooheys New

New South Wales, Australia
4.6% ABV

About Tooheys New by Tooheys Brothers


A classic, easy drinking Australian lager. Smooth malt character is perfectly balanced with light hop aroma.

The classic schooner shape has been around for decades, and for good reason. The slightly slimmer bottom half preserves the moderate hoppiness and fruitiness of Tooheys New, while the wide-open top helps to release the subtle aroma profile – a perfect match indeed.

A lightly-hopped flavour combined with delicate ester notes and malt sweetness, Tooheys New is well suited to juicy char-grilled beef from the BBQ or gourmet meat pies.

Brewing excellence since 1869