Tooheys Old Dark Ale by Tooheys Brothers in New South Wales, Australia
Tooheys Brothers

Tooheys Old Dark Ale

New South Wales, Australia
4.4% ABV

About Tooheys Old Dark Ale by Tooheys Brothers

A refreshing dark ale with subtle notes of chocolate and roasted coffee.

Being robust and complex, Tooheys Old is best served in a wide-mouthed goblet glass. The open-style releases the roasted, fruity aromas and encourages the beer to be sipped, allowing the drinker to savour every drop.

A smooth, full-flavoured Australian black ale with a fruity aroma and a hint of caramel, Tooheys Old Dark Ale is the best mate of char-grilled meat dishes, game, or even cheese platters and desserts.

Brewing excellence since 1869