Track Jumper IPA by Four Day Ray Brewing in Indiana, United States

About Track Jumper IPA by Four Day Ray Brewing

Track Jumper [trak juhm•per]: 1. A train that goes off the rails 2. A railyard employee

Raise a glass in tribute to the American IPA. Heavy on the hops, this brew shows its West Coast influences with notes of orange, citrus, resin and pine. A candy tartness adds complexity to the classic hop character.

The West Coast IPA has long been regarded as the quintessential American IPA. The dry hopping and use of hops high in bittering capabilities packs a punch in this style. One key characteristic of this style is the use of some type of sugar to boost alcohol while allowing the beer to still finish dry. Depending on sugar type used it can have its own influence on the finish and flavor.

We believe in the proverbial three-day weekend.

Four Day Ray Brewing makes Track Jumper IPA American IPA