Tracklayer's Kolsch by Junction Craft Brewing in Ontario, Canada

About Tracklayer's Kolsch by Junction Craft Brewing

Tracklayer’s Kolsch is Junction's take on the classic style that has been brewed in and around Cologne, Germany for the last 100 years. Pale, dry and traditionally lagered, Tracklayer’s balances a light fruitiness with biscuity malt notes, delivering a smooth, highly drinkable beer. Brewed with imported malt to a light straw colour, this is abeer that comes from a place where an honest day’s work is an opportunity and its reward is well earned. Clear the track … here comes Tracklayer’s Kolsch!

Junction Craft Brewing is committed to brewing highest-quality, hand-crafted beers with Water, Yeast, Barley and the world's finest Hops.

Junction Craft Brewing makes Tracklayer's Kolsch Kölsch