Trend Bucker by NoCoast Beer Co. in Iowa, United States

About Trend Bucker by NoCoast Beer Co.

Fads come and go, but a classic American stout never goes out of style. The full-bodied Trend Bucker Stout combines rich chocolate malt, American pale and crystal malts and dark roasted barley to produce a rugged yet balanced flavor that warms and excited the palate. According to our unfashionable experts, a beer in hand is the must-have accessory this season... and every other season.

Our flag flies for fine craft beer and freedom from pretension. Our attitude may border on brash, but we seek to bring people together. We call on the legions of like-minded, no-bullshit beer-lovers from the plains and beyond.

NoCoast Beer Co. makes Trend Bucker American Stout

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