Village Troubadour by Village Brewery in Alberta, Canada
Village Brewery

Village Troubadour

4.2% ABV • IBU 15

About Village Troubadour by Village Brewery

'Tis the sweet note of caramel that gives it away, and the lyrical lilt of the hops when they play. As the Troubadour sings of that glorious day when good barley and yeast had a roll in the hay and the magic was born in the North. So they say. The Troubadour is characterized by it's sweeter palate, lower gravity and alcohol. When drank at cellar temperature the generous flavour of the caramel malt and the concentration of sugars results in a condition described as "luscious".

Made by Village Brewery

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Village is a brewery that supports local artists and craftspeople. Check out Village Brewery's list of craft beers, contact info, and more.

Village Brewery makes Village Troubadour English Brown Ale