True Blonde Dubbel by SKA Brewing Company in Colorado, United States
SKA Brewing Company

True Blonde Dubbel

8% ABV • IBU 23 • SRM 5

About True Blonde Dubbel by SKA Brewing Company

Dubbel your Trouble.

It isn’t always the case, but when it comes to Blondes, two is definitely better than one.

Belgian, buxom and sweet as the candy sugar she’s made with. The TBD, a Belgian Style Golden Ale, features spicy clove and nutmeg undertones — a nice beer for brunch.

Cools strong garlic. Pesto, pasta with garlic and clam sauce. Also works well with roasted chicken or Tandoori. A great palate scrubber when eating strong opposing foods. Great aperitif served in a flute.

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SKA Brewing Company makes True Blonde Dubbel Dubbel