Trump by Pravda in Kyivshchyna, Ukraine


Kyivshchyna, Ukraine
7.2% ABV • IBU 25

About Trump by Pravda

A Brewer in Eastern Europe created the perfect new beer in honour of President Donald Trump (and perhaps, the wall he promised the American people).  An Imperial Mexican Lager.

The label features the current POTUS, the wall he campaigned to build separating Mexico and the U.S., Putin in a "Make America Great Again" hat, Kevin McAllister from Home Alone (a movie that Drumpf had a small part in, in the 1990's), and a sign which reads "Free Melania".


Trump Beer 

Created by Pravda

In ‘celebration’ of such an infamous presidency, Pravda found the perfect beer pairing for President Donald Trump – an Imperial Mexican Lager with Limes. Refreshing, with that beautiful hint of natural lime flavor, this beer will make you build a wall around your own heart, just like the only president in the history of humanity to do the same. Let’s all cheers in scorning to an unpredictable future. 

Made by Pravda

We’ve brought together the best brewers from Ukraine, Belgium, Czech Republic and the USA to brew beer at Pravda, as we believe collaboration is important for the spirit of the brewing industry. We are constantly experimenting with pushing the experience of craft beer. We are the only brewing company in Ukraine that brews beer with fresh hops, elderberry flowers, sunflowers…

Pravda makes Trump American Adjunct Lager