Tuborg LITE Mango Passion by Carlsberg Group in Copenhagen City, Denmark
Carlsberg Group

Tuborg LITE Mango Passion

Copenhagen City, Denmark
4.3% ABV

About Tuborg LITE Mango Passion by Carlsberg Group

Tuborg LITE has a very light straw yellow colour. The aroma is rich in tropical flavors of mango and passion fruit, with hints of malt and hops. The beer has a very light character, with a rich tropical taste of mango and passion fruit and low bitterness.

Tuborg LITE is very light and is suitable as an aperitif or with light, light dishes such as fruit salads, pasta dishes and Asian seafood.

Made by Carlsberg Group

Probably The Best Beer In The World.

Carlsberg Group makes Tuborg LITE Mango Passion Fruit / Vegetable Beer