Tuna by Half Acre Beer Co. in Illinois, United States

About Tuna by Half Acre Beer Co.

Why is the beer called Tuna? We don’t know. Just say it, “I’ll take a Tuna.” It feels good. The ocean is a magical place. The antipode to Navaja, Tuna is rife with attributes that make for ongoing pleasure without the heft. Too much weight while exploring the ocean is dangerous. Watermelon, peach, guava. A denser body to hold up to the sweeter finish. Lemon lime citrus zest, tropical fruit juices.

You can come get to know our beers and the people behind them in our Brewery Shop, where you can sample and purchase to-go, or in our Tap Room, where you can stay, get a bite to eat and get to know who we are and what we do a bit better.

Half Acre Beer Co. makes Tuna American Pale Ale (APA)

Awards & Achievements for this American Pale Ale (APA)