Turntable Lager by Trolley 5 Restaurant & Brewery in Alberta, Canada

About Turntable Lager by Trolley 5 Restaurant & Brewery

Remember a time before MP3s, iPods and Spotify? Remember a time before Milkshakes and Hazy beers? Let’s take it back. The DJ hauling crates of vinyl. The Brewmaster using only the four fundamental ingredients to craft their signature beer. This lager is Brewmaster and DJ-approved. Some may say there are 1,200 reasons to enjoy it!

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Trolley 5 is a restuarant and brewery that takes its name from the historic street car that ran through the Beltline. Check out Trolley Five's list of craft beers, contact info, and more.

Trolley 5 Restaurant & Brewery makes Turntable Lager Light Lager

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