Über Caesar by Crazy Uncle Cocktails in Ontario, Canada

About Über Caesar by Crazy Uncle Cocktails

An authentic, restaurant quality version of the quintessential Canadian cocktail.  Crazy Uncle's all natural, craft Caesar is prepared with culinary sensibility, and without artificial ingredients.  No MSG. No high fructose corn syrup.  No artificial anything.  Bright notes of vine-ripened tomatoes, grated horseradish and fresh lemon, are anchored by savoury undertones of rich aged pepper hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, real clam broth and spices.

Serve over ice, in a hearty glass, rimmed with our Celery Seed, Sea Salt, Lime Peel & Black Pepper Rimmer. Crazy Uncle made every effort to perfect the liquid in the bottle so that you can focus on the perfect garnish.  Release your culinary creativity and have some fun pairing interesting garnishes that complement this most savoury of cocktails.

The natural acidity of the tomato & sharpness of horseradish pair well with rich & hearty “brunch fair”.  Think smoked bacon, cheddar scrambled eggs, gruyere grilled cheese. The briny depth of the clam broth also makes it a natural pairing for seafood and shellfish like oysters, grilled jumbo shrimp or lobster tail. 

We all know the eccentric uncle. He wears a captain's hat but doesn't own a boat. He boasts about his impressive Russian Jazz record collection. He marches to the beat of his own drum. It's that same unpredictability and uniqueness that inspires our drinks. Our Crazy Uncle one-pour cocktails and adult craft-sodas have deep, complex flavours and employ a culinary sensibility. They offer an appreciation of detail and an artistic expression in liquid form. Why be like everyone else, when you

Crazy Uncle Cocktails makes Über Caesar Fruit / Vegetable Beer