Überlin Berliner Weisse by Strangeways Brewing in Virginia, United States

About Überlin Berliner Weisse by Strangeways Brewing

The origins of this cloudy, sour, wheat beer style date back to the 16th century in the region of northern Germany in and around Berlin. Dubbed “The Champagne of the North” by Napolean’s troops, this refreshing beer, brewed by Frederick the Great himself, can be enjoyed as is…or if adventurous, inject a blast of flavor by allowing the addition of traditional flavoured syrups such as Himbeersirup (Raspberry) or Waldmeistersirup (Sweet Woodruff made from wild baby’s breath). Your senses will witness a sharp tartness beneath a dry, fruity funkiness. Don’t forget that change will save you.

Virginia Craft beer for the intrepid palate.

Strangeways Brewing makes Überlin Berliner Weisse Berliner Weissbier