Uncharted Belgian IPA by Lighthouse Brewing Company in British Columbia, Canada

About Uncharted Belgian IPA by Lighthouse Brewing Company

The Uncharted Belgian IPA pours into the glass a sparkling gold colour topped with a finger and a half of head. Despite the unfiltered nature of this beer the sediment seems to remain at the bottle’s bottom and out of taste’s way. The smell has wheatiness to it and a touch of citrus that plays along side a european style hop. The flavour has a certain dryness to it that almost contradicts the floral notes that come through the hop flavour. The wheat nature of the beer is by no means overwhelming and balances very well with the hop bitterness. This beer is easy drinking but gives a great depth of flavour that could be enjoyed by the beer naive or the beer connoisseur.

Lighthouse Brewing Company is a quality first, progressive-thinking Craft Brewery making great beers for great people since 1998.

Lighthouse Brewing Company makes Uncharted Belgian IPA Belgian IPA