Under the Table Pêche by Big Rock Brewery in Alberta, Canada
Big Rock Brewery

Under the Table Pêche

Limited Release
7.6% ABV • IBU 8

About Under the Table Pêche by Big Rock Brewery

The Pêche edition of Big Rock's Under The Table limited small batch series blends Okanagan peach juice with a remarkable base beer born of their customer built koelschip aged 2 and 3 years in wine barrels. The arduous process takes time but creates a complexity that is both sour and sweet, fresh and fermented, tangy and pleasing.

The infusion of peaches creates a vibrant golden hue. There are rich aromas of peach with a unique blend of sour and sweet. The complexity of the lambic style creates a dynamic of rich flavours.

They did not make much, so between us, let’s keep this Under the Table.

Proud Early Bird of Craft Beer

Big Rock Brewery makes Under the Table Pêche Lambic - Fruit