Unity Brew 2022 Dry Hopped Lager by Medicine Hat Brewing Company in Alberta, Canada

About Unity Brew 2022 Dry Hopped Lager by Medicine Hat Brewing Company

The small brewers of Alberta have united to create a lager, brewed with Kviek yeast and dry hopped with Eclipse, a newer varietal Australian hop. The Eclipse shine through with notes of citrus peels and pine needles.

Focused on using ingredients primarily from Alberta, the 2022 Dry Hopped Lager features malt from Rahr/BSG, RedShed, Origin and Hogarth. Eclipse Hops from Hops Connect Canada add depth to this recipe, while Krispy yeast made it possible in a shorter time frame.

You might notice this year’s Unity Brew, because the label is sure to stand out on the shelf. Thank to Evans Hunt and Summit labels this year you can peel off stickers from the innovative packaging.

Vessel and Kegshare are providing the necessary cans and kegs to help you enjoy.

his project is also supported by Connect Logistics, Alberta Barley, and Canada Malting. Through their generous support of the industry, Unity Brew showcases everything Alberta has to offer.

1912 the first Medicine Hat Brewing Company was formed & over a century later we have dusted the name off and again serve up a #TimelessCraftBeer

Medicine Hat Brewing Company makes Unity Brew 2022 Dry Hopped Lager American Adjunct Lager