Urpiner Exclusive 16° by Banskobystrický pivovar (Urpiner Beer) in Banská Bystrica Region, Slovakia

About Urpiner Exclusive 16° by Banskobystrický pivovar (Urpiner Beer)

An outstanding exclusive lager with higher alcohol content and distinctive body. It tastes and smells like malt and hops. The lager is characterised by medium to high crispness and distinctive bitterness. Clear colour, radiant sparkle and rich foam, which are typical for this lager, offer visual pleasure. The lager is intended for drinking on special occasions and for those unforgettable times which bring lasting memories. During recent years the lager has won the hearts of consumers as well as numerous international quality awards.

It is said that the beer brewing tradition in Banská Bystrica is more than 500 years old.

Banskobystrický pivovar (Urpiner Beer) makes Urpiner Exclusive 16° American Double / Imperial Pilsner