Velvet Bubble Lord by Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery in Ontario, Canada

About Velvet Bubble Lord by Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery

Blueberry Sour

Oh, delight! Bright bubbles float above a luscious magenta body of velvety blueberries swirling with sly acidic quips of floral lemon verbena. Huzzah!

Taste: Jammy Gamay Noir notes segue into curious Pinot Noir hints unique to the profile of blueberry skins. Meanwhile, lemon verbena sings with floral, citrus whispers in the briefly acidic body elevating the Velvet Bubble Lord to fresh and fancy realms of joy.

Style: Brewed with special Philly Sour Yeast, the Velvet Bubble Lord luxuriates with refreshing acidity and deep stone fruit notes perfect for the profiles we imagined for our fruited sours. Fresh Blueberry Purée and citrusy Lemon Verbena create wonderful buoyancy in this delicious beer with blush bubbles floating above a luscious magenta body of velvety fruit.

Serve with: Enjoy with an appetizer of fried calamari with a fresh lemon squeeze or baked burrata cheese with basil-y pesto and crusty bread.  Pair with a fat rib-eye steak with balsamic glaze, or, drink it with a dessert of strawberry shortcake with orange-laced whipped cream.

Normal is weird.

Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery makes Velvet Bubble Lord American Wild / Sour Ale