Venatrix Framboise by Driftwood Brewery in British Columbia, Canada
Driftwood Brewery

Venatrix Framboise

Limited Release
7% ABV • SRM 7

About Venatrix Framboise by Driftwood Brewery

Venatrix, the huntress, has waited out her prey for more than a year! At last this carefully crafted sour can release her undeniably tart raspberry allure to your senses. A fully conditioned and aged wild sour ale, Venatrix Framboise is refined in its Belgian-inspired Lambic origins and refreshing in the burst of her puckering raspberry profile.

We love great beer! In fact, we live it! We are a proud little crew, working hard to brew & deliver the beers, we love, to you. At Driftwood, we strive to expand the landscape of quality beer in British Columbia.

Driftwood Brewery makes Venatrix Framboise Lambic - Fruit