Vha-Double IPA
Little Creatures Brewing

Vha-Double IPA

Western Australia, Australia
7.7% ABV • IBU 60 • SRM 12

At Little Creatures, we are mad about hops; it is just how we are wired. To celebrate this love affair we are introducing the Very Hoppy Ale (VHA) Series: each release will showcase different hops and beers styles that are truly hop-centric. For those who remember and loved our 2011 Single Batch “Big Dipper”, you’ll be chuffed to learn that this was indeed the inspiration for our inaugural VHA. 

We are delirious with the use of 7 of our favourite varieties coming together in sweet, hoppy harmony. A bucket load of Columbus, Cascade, Chinook and Ella in the brewhouse have then been fused together with a copious dry hopping regime of Citra, Centennial & Simcoe. The result is a big, bold Double India Pale Ale that will give any seasoned Hophead the lupulin hit they are looking for. 

And even better still, we’re putting it in a 640ml Single Batch bottle that you can share with fellow Hop Heads.