Victory Lap Norwegian IPA by Red Circle Brewing & Coffee in Ontario, Canada
Red Circle Brewing & Coffee

Victory Lap Norwegian IPA

Limited Release
5.8% ABV • IBU 40

About Victory Lap Norwegian IPA by Red Circle Brewing & Coffee

In celebration of our One Year Anniversary, Red Circle teamed up with their friends at Escarpment Labs for a special beer release. Victory Lap is brewed with a unique Kveik yeast blend that originated in Norway. Traditionally this yeast was used by Norwegian farmhouse breweries, and was passed down from generation to generation. Victory Lap displays prominent fruitiness, leaning toward tropical guava and mango with a nice dry finish.

Red Circle Brewing & Coffee is a microbrewery and coffee roastery rooted in Waterloo Region. Crafting with character and creativity, we approach every brew and roast uniquely as a tip of the hat to the makers who built the place we call home. We do this all in support of the diverse community we live in today, while taking care in how we impact the world around us tomorrow.