Vinosynth Red by Upland Brewing Company in Indiana, United States

About Vinosynth Red by Upland Brewing Company

Our friends at Oliver Winery have had a hand in our sour ale program since the beginning, trading our first oak barrels for a few cases of beer. Now, many years later, we are excited to present this collaboration between friends that represents our friendship coming full circle. Vinosynth Red is a blend of 50% Sour Reserve and 50% Crimson Red Ale aged on Catawba grapes. Catawba is a native North American variety, known for making jams and jellies, and distinctly fruity, exotic wines. Crimson was blended with Sour Reserve to develop more body, a mild bourbon barrel character, and a layered acidity to complement the Catawba’s innate sweet, fruity notes.

Well-made beer meets progressive Midwestern culture.

Upland Brewing Company makes Vinosynth Red American Wild / Sour Ale