Virginia Blackberry by Hardywood Park Craft Brewery in Virginia, United States
Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

Virginia Blackberry

6.8% ABV • IBU 12 • SRM 17

About Virginia Blackberry by Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

A Belgian wheat beer brewed with a touch of rye and a massive addition (over 1,000 lbs. per 40-barrel batch) of plump, ripe blackberries grown by Agriberry in Hanover County, Hardywood Virginia Blackberry offers an assertive fruit character while remaining extremely refreshing. Ruby hued with the bright aroma of fresh bramble berries, this beer’s pleasantly gentle body leads to a rather dry, rounded fruit finish, making it irresistible on a hot summer day.

Two childhood friends enjoy a glass of homebrewed beer halfway around the world. The rest is history.

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery makes Virginia Blackberry Fruit / Vegetable Beer