Wallace by Cervejaria Seasons in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Cervejaria Seasons


Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
5.8% ABV • IBU 35 • SRM 12

About Wallace by Cervejaria Seasons

The award-winning Wallace Amber was originally made as a single edition to celebrate the birthday of Biermarkt, one of our first customers and great partner of Seasons. We launched the beer as seasonal, but liked it so much we decided to transfer it to the annual production line. Especially because we were longing to drink it, and making such a good beer only once a year is cruelty. 

The name is a double honor: the eponymous father of evolution, Alfred Russel Wallace, credited with having conceived the theory of evolution by natural selection; and his reincarnation as Mr. Wallace, the "Godfather of Biermarkt" guy who understands more beer on site. Wallace is the evolution of the beer, leaving the little world of beers tasteless to enter the world of craft beer, a discovery of flavors and aromas that makes our taste. 

The Wallace Amber values the malty character of a beer. With a selection of malts German Caramelised, the body of Amber is quite complex. Wallace innovates with the first revenues in Latin America to use malt Weyermann Special W®, new malt more traditional malting plant in the world and a partner of Seasons, the Weyermann, Bamberg, Germany. To balance all this sweetness, two doses of American hops, which adds a new dimension to the flavors and scents of Amber.  Wallace Amber:  it's evolution, baby! Specs

  • Style:  American Amber Ale
  • Tasting notes: amber-coppery color with light reddish, translucent colors and good retention of foam. Balanced flavor between the herbal and caramel, with flavors ranging from caramel, biscuit and a very light chocolate.


    • Malts and grains:  2-row Pale Ale, Munich II, Weyermann Cara amber®, Weyermann Caramunich II®, (a lot of) Weyermann Special W®
    • Hops:  Columbus and Cascade
    • Water:  triple-filtered and properly fitted acids and minerals
    • Ferments:  Bio4 American Ale


Red meat, chicken and gouda cheese.

Silver medal in the South Beer Cup 2012 - category Amber Ale

Gold Medal at the 1st Brazilian Competition Beer 2013 - category  American-Style Amber / Red Ale

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Cervejaria Seasons makes Wallace American Amber / Red Ale