Wals Dubbel
Wals Cervejaria

Wals Dubbel

Minas Gerais, Brazil
7.5% ABV • IBU 26

Cerveja do estilo Belgian Strong Ale Dubbel, de aparência castanha escura, espuma densa e duradoura. Aroma de frutas secas com notas de especiarias e maltes especiais. Paladar com persistência do torrado, levemente picante e bastante seca. 

Temperatura: 8 a 12ºC
Harmoniza com: Carnes vermelhas gordurosas, carnes de caça e aves silvestres e sobremesas com toques de chocolate.


The Dubbel beer style is a Belgian Strong Ale with a dark brown, dense and durable foam. Aroma of dried fruit with notes of spices and specialty malts. Palate with persistence of crisp, slightly spicy and quite dry.

Temperature: 8 to 12ºC
Pairs well with: fatty red meat, game meat and wild birds and desserts with chocolate accents.

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