Classic Pilsner
Waterloo Brewing

Classic Pilsner

Ontario, Canada
5% ABV • SRM 5

At 5% alc. Waterloo Classic Pilsner is a grain gold mildly hopped classic style pilsner that when poured has a creamy white bubbled head and a perfect balance of subtle sweetness and velvety bitterness wrapped in a gloriously crisp body.

The somewhat bitter flavour of Waterloo Classic Pilsner goes extremely well with seafood dishes. The bitterness is short-lived, though, essentially kick-starting the pallet and allowing those subtle seafood dishes to become accentuated in your mouth. Stronger fishes such as salmon or mackerel are perfect with this Pilsner because it cuts through the rich oily flavours traditionally known in this fish with its bitter-sweet sharpness. Fish and chips or calamari are equally terrific with Waterloo Classic Pilsner. The beer scrubs through the deep fried goodness allowing the fish and squid to come out and play!