Wee Heavy by Highlander Brew Company in Ontario, Canada

About Wee Heavy by Highlander Brew Company

Wee Heavy is Scottish Ale’s 8% older brother, with complex caramel flavours and a pure, cask-conditioned finish. Wee Heavy starts with six different malts and a 90-minute boil to produce a rich flavour reminiscent of your favourite creme brulee. Unlike other high-alcohol content beers, Highlander achieves a smooth aftertaste with a trick they play on your palate with the combination of malts. Fully cask-conditioned with no extra carbonation, Wee Heavy is bottled in its natural state.

Highlander Brew Co produces a natural full flavoured ale. We concentrate on malt as opposed to hops and that makes our beer refreshing and tasteful without being harsh and hoppy.

Highlander Brew Company makes Wee Heavy Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy