Weekender by Ale Architect in Alberta, Canada

About Weekender by Ale Architect

Belgian patersbier-inspired session ale to carry you through the weekend. Fermented dry for ultimate thirst-quenching power.

This everyday drinking Trappist style beer goes by many names; Patersbier, Single, and Enkel. This version has a bready 100% Alberta malt base, is lightly hopped with earthy noble hops, and fermented dry with Abby Ale yeast for a touch of Belgian spice character.

Made by Ale Architect

Ale Architect is all about creative and expertly brewed beers, with an uncompromising commitment to quality. Inspired by the places we’ve been, the flavours we love, the music we dance to, and the people we party with. Our beers are always interesting, never boring.

Ale Architect makes Weekender American Blonde Ale