Weißbier-Radler Non-Alcoholic by Paulaner in Bavaria, Germany

Weißbier-Radler Non-Alcoholic

Bavaria, Germany
0.5% ABV

About Weißbier-Radler Non-Alcoholic by Paulaner

Fruity with natural juice and with less calories as well! In Bavarian beergardens they call this a non-alcoholic “Russ”. This mix is in a class of its own. It shines matt golden yellow in the glass with citrus and Weissbier aroma. It surprises the palate with waves of lime, orange and lemon flavours. Pleasantly sweet with a touch of dryness, sparkling and always refreshing. Just right for a short break during a busy day.

Made by Paulaner

The name Paulaner stands for a Munich brewing tradition crafted over centuries, and acclaimed far beyond the borders of Bavaria throughout the entire world. Doing business in a sustainable manner combined with courage and innovation, that is “the heaven of the Bavarians,” a Paulaner tradition since 1634.

Paulaner makes Weißbier-Radler Non-Alcoholic Fruit / Vegetable Beer