Weize Guy by Joseph James Brewing Company in Nevada, United States

About Weize Guy by Joseph James Brewing Company

This Hefeweizen is unique among the other offerings. It derives its distinctive flavor and nose primarily from the yeast strain used during fermentation. Bananas, cloves, and memories of childhood bubblegum delight the palate as they ride on a smooth rounded base of malted wheat, oats, and barley. Light, refreshing, and infinitely interesting, this unfiltered ale is a joy to quaff.

Welcome to Joseph James Brewing Company. Our year round, seasonal and specialty beers provide something for everyone - from the hop head to the new craft beer drinker. Our brewers take pride in the creative process to craft these specialty beers from sessionable summer ales to our growing barrel aged program.

Joseph James Brewing Company makes Weize Guy Hefeweizen