West Coast Pale Ale by Granville Island Brewing in British Columbia, Canada

About West Coast Pale Ale by Granville Island Brewing

A malty base topped with light, fruity hops from Australia give this small batch mainstay its West Coast personality; outgoing flavour that’s refreshingly laid back. Upfront bitter hops balance with a malt base, finishing slightly fruity with notes of tangerine and pineapple.

This brew stands up to full-flavoured and well-spiced dishes like Carne Asada Tacos.


In 1984 something happened that forever changed the local beer industry: Granville Island Brewing opened the doors to Canada’s first microbrewery. And in doing so, we opened hearts and minds to a whole new beer drinking experience.

Granville Island Brewing makes West Coast Pale Ale American Pale Ale (APA)