What Cheer Brett IPA by Trading Post Brewing in British Columbia, Canada

About What Cheer Brett IPA by Trading Post Brewing

What Cheer House was the name of a saloon in Derby that was dismantled and rebuilt just outside of Fort Langley in 1860. The place was renamed BC Liqour Company. We think What Cheer is a much better way to describe a great place for social gatherings and a perfect name for a unique beer.

Intriguing and complex, this IPA features aromas of mango, guava and orange. Brewed using specialty malts and a cornucopia of hops, it’s fermented with the Brettanomyces Bruxellensis wild yeast strain. Funky and fruity, this unique beer will delight your senses and leave your palate refreshed.

Tap into the local. Langley’s locally-owned & operated craft brewery. Excited to share our passion for small-batch brewing with the community that we call home.

Trading Post Brewing makes What Cheer Brett IPA American IPA