Whisky, Cider & Chai Tea by Crazy Uncle Cocktails in Ontario, Canada

About Whisky, Cider & Chai Tea by Crazy Uncle Cocktails

It's more than likely that this small-batch beauty is unlike any other pre-mixed cocktail you've come across.  All natural, and made with ridiculous attention to high quality ingredients and absolutely none of the chemical trickery of conventional "ready-to-drink" cocktails. The makers at Crazy Uncle brewed superior quality, artisanal loose-leaf chai-tea in small batches and blended it with minimum 6 year old, oak-aged whisky from the Canadian Prairies, as well as apple cider & clover honey from Quebec.  No added sugar, no added flavours.  Just a real cocktail -- made from scratch.

A new classic for fall; the warm spice and luscious flavours of apple cider and oak-aged whisky make this cocktail perfect for the arrival of sweater weather.  Serve over the rocks in a low-ball glass with a twist of orange peel, or an apple slice.  When things get even more brisk outside, it's equally delectable served warm, in a hot toddy glass-mug.

We all know the eccentric uncle. He wears a captain's hat but doesn't own a boat. He boasts about his impressive Russian Jazz record collection. He marches to the beat of his own drum. It's that same unpredictability and uniqueness that inspires our drinks. Our Crazy Uncle one-pour cocktails and adult craft-sodas have deep, complex flavours and employ a culinary sensibility. They offer an appreciation of detail and an artistic expression in liquid form. Why be like everyone else, when you

Crazy Uncle Cocktails makes Whisky, Cider & Chai Tea Fruit / Vegetable Beer