White Oak Wheat
Innis & Gunn

White Oak Wheat

Midlothian - Scotland, United Kingdom
6.4% ABV

White oak is native to North America and typically contains a higher vanillin content than its European counterpart, which has a strong influence on the flavour of whatever comes into contact with it once it's made into barrels.

Our white oak is air-dried for 24 months before before it's made into casks and then charred to create a natural barrier between the spirit and the very heavy, virgin vanilla flavour that's locked within the grain of the wood. It's only at this point that our beer would come into contact with it either as a cask or as chips in our Oakerators®.

Food Pairing: Veal escalope cooked with sage and lemon

Tasting Notes

Colour: Pale Gold, with a bit of haze

Smell: Heady aroma of spicy hops, bergamot and sour orange

Taste: Lots of grapefruit and orange with a light floral fragrance

Finish: Clean but sweet and full-bodied